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Bioenergetic Movement Groups are experiential classes inspired by the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen, the founder of Bioenergetic Analysis.

In these movement groups we work with the energy patterns of the body through breathing, stretching, grounding and emotional expression to relax muscles and challenge the chronic holdings in our bodies. Through a series of gentle and powerful exercises, tense areas of the body are gradually opened, so that the energy can begin to move more freely. We focus on the feelings and physical sensations that arise when tensions are released and our physical and emotional systems are enlivened. As the course of classes progresses, the natural mobility and expressiveness of the organism is restored, the natural process of discharge and self-regulation is re-activated and the person may experience a state of increasing muscle vibrancy: a healthy body, in fact, is a body able to vibrate through the freedom of the respiratory, circulatory and peristaltic waves.

Bioenergetic Movement Group facilitate change on a deep body level: deepen the breathing, allow the body to regain its natural aliveness and vitality and increase awareness of the physical/emotional connection. Our ability to tolerate both pleasant and unpleasant feelings is enhanced, as is our capacity to feel joy and contactfulness in living.

In the Bioenergetic Movement Groups, there is no goal to reach, image to meet nor technique to master. This movement experience is appropriate for anyone who is interested in making a deeper connection with their body and themselves.

These movement groups are not a substitute for psychotherapy, and it is suggested that participants be engaged in or consider entering into a therapeutic process.

Before signing up, please contact me to check availability and to schedule an in-person interview.