The BodyMind Therapy is a place where people of all ages can find opportunities to enhance wellbeing and overcome problems.

Emma Rhoads, LCSW, MS Sp. Ed., CBT and Dr. Paola Alessio, LCSW, CBT are psychotherapists who have been practicing bioenergetic analysis for many years, while also exploring a wide range of other body-mind healing modalities.

In our experience, people can grow, change, take charge of their problems and heal in many ways. Some need to work in-depth and personally. Others are looking to address specific issues in community with those in similar circumstances. Still others seek learning and inspiration to bring them into deeper contact with themselves and guide them in their personal journey.

We approach the healing and learning process with the understanding that our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical selves are integral aspects of a unified whole. Our emotions and life histories live and express themselves in our bodies, and profound changes can happen when we acknowledge and work with our full being.

In an environment designed to invite and deepen emotional and physical expression, BodyMind Therapy offers a variety of modalities to address and support growth and healing: psychotherapy, movement groups, support groups, craniosacral therapy, meditation and more…


Bioenergetic Analysis, founded by Dr. Alexander Lowen, is a psychotherapy committed to the premise that mind and body, psyche and soma, are not separate but integral aspects of a unified whole.

Bioenergetic Analysis blends traditional psychotherapy with a body-oriented approach, helping resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of both body and mind.

Bioenergetics has a long and established history, yet finds itself on the cutting edge of contemporary psychology as rapid advances in neurobiology highlight the intricate and intimate relationship between body and mind.